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A small technology driven film production company

We create visual gems from ideas and concepts created together with the client. We strive to create complete productions embedded in narrative content that tell stories that represent our clients in the best way we can. The synergy between innovative possibilities and a strong ambition for authentic stories makes us stand out in the business of telling stories and makes us love what we do.

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FreeFly ALTA6

Freefly has been leading the industry in camera movement for over a decade. They learned early that a key ingredient to unforgettable shots is the ability to move the camera dynamically. The ALTA allows smooth, precise, and dynamic control of camera movement. The motor drives are custom tuned to match the F45 and are optimized for speed, reliability, and robustness. The motor drives are constantly monitoring a variety of parameters and reporting status to the SYNAPSE flight controller. The ALTA is able to lift cinema cameras like our in-house KINEFINITY TERRA but also the RED WEAPON and ARRI ALEXA.

Kinefinity TERRA (Inhouse camera)

The KINEFINITY Terra is a full blown cinema camera that can compete on image quality to RED and ARRI cameras. This is the camera that we have in house and can use in the air and on the ground. The camera shoots RAW or Apple ProRes in camera which gives maximum latitude for color grading. It shoots 6K at 30 fps and can shoot 100 fps slowmotion at 4K super 35mm sensor format.

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Photographic Autofocus Lenses

The native Sony E-mount lenses are at the top of it's class. Especially the primes are of the outmost best quality. When shooting video on a lower budget or when autofocus is needed these lenses perform.

Controlled motion in small spaces

When the MOVI is too big to use this small type of gimbal can be used together with smaller cameras to get the same kind of stable motion.

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Cinematic wedding films

From highlights to full lenght

What is cinematic. It is a lot of things, from good lighting to properly used camera movement and good use of focus. The question that I ask all of my clients is: do you want to pay for a wedding film that you're going to watch every half a year and still get wet eyes just like you're favorite Hollywood movie. Or do you want to pay for a video you only watch once because it's boring and to long to get through. If the answer to this question is the first option you've come to the right filmmaker.

I can deliver a nice wedding film package for almost any budget. The end result will always have to align with my own high standards. A higher budget will of coarse give you more options. The smile when watching the end result for the first time should be the same.

Aerial cinematography

The sky is not the limit

If you want to have better image quality when doing aerial visuals a small quadcopter with GoPro kind of camera just won't suffice. Besides all the problems the wide field of the lens gives the sensor is just to small for low-light work or for emphasizing a subject with selective focus. With the aerial packages I offer you could even rent a RED camera and put that in the air for spectacular image quality.

The big hexacopter also gives advantages when it comes to safety where a smaller quadcopter would fall out of the sky the Alta keeps on flying. Contact me for the possibility's on getting aerial footage with regards to legislations.

Brand & Identity

Engagement to keep them

Are you running a small business and want to reach more people, then video is one of the best mediums you can use. Branding is all about getting you're voice out there. Written text often doesn't do it anymore, and photo's are nice but often can't tell the full story. Here video comes into play. And making that video cinematic and engaging makes all the difference to your'e viewer.

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